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Exquisite hats chosen by Hartford York have long been staples in truly fashionable men’s closets. We women, however, have had to make do and forage for our own stylish chapeaux. But earlier this fall I learned that Hartford York now has an amazing new site dedicated to – drum roll please – the most chic women’s hats available!

Like many women, I adore hats of all kinds. Whether it’s an “Ascot Gavotte” inspired, broad brimmed spring hat, a sultry fedora a la Marlene Dietrich, or a roaring 20’s cloche, the right hat simply finishes an outfit like nothing else can.

Choosing the perfect hat, though, can be quite tricky. Although there are loads of styles available at mass retailers, quality is often sorely lacking. Boutiques carry such a tiny selection that you have to be very lucky to find what you’re searching for. And “off brand” retailers often only have last years’ styles (or older!).

But now Hartford York has made finding the perfect hat (no matter what the occasion) so simple. In fact, the new site (aptly titled has so many options, you’ll probably end up buying several!

Since winter is fast approaching, I’ve been searching for the perfect snuggly knit hat for a snowy East Coast season. Winter hats are tricky because I get some serious static electricity (dry, over processed, colored hair), plus I don’t want to end up with a squashed coiffure all day.

After perusing, the solution was simple: a stylish cashmere beret called the Nena by Australian designer Helen Kaminski, pictured. This cable knit beret is comfortable, with a 10 3/5″ diameter crown. The sumptuously soft wool is a blend of pure cashmere, Australian Merino Wool, European Viscose and Polyamide. This is a blend that provides both durability and practicality (since it is hand washable).

But practicality aside, it’s the look of this classic beret that instantly drew me. The unusual cable pattern is achieved by alternating widths and is exclusive to Helen Kaminski. My favorite color is a soft, dove grey called Granite, which will look lovely with either my black, navy or red winter coats. The beret is also available in Viola.Retail: $175.00

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