Eat. Pray. Love. Style!

I went to see Eat Pray Love this weekend with a girlfriend, and I couldn’t help but notice all the fantastic sunglasses Julia Roberts wears as her character, Elizabeth Gilbert, as she travels to Italy, India and Bali.

She dons more than one pair of Ray-Bans, which isn’t surprising — Ray-Bans are like the Rolls Royce of sunglasses. However, just like how not all of us can easily travel the world for a year, not all of us can afford a pair of Ray-Bans — but we still want the look for less!

Luckily, Sunglass Warehouse has frugal fashionistas covered! They have aviators, oversized styles, sport sunglasses, retro sunglasses, bedazzled sunglasses and more, so there’s basically no way you could not find a pair that you love. And you’ll love the prices even more!

All pairs are under $20, and shipping is free if you grab a couple that add up to $25+. They also offer same-day shipping for that last-minute gotta-hate-it pair of aviators that’ll match your vacation bikini perfectly! All sunglasses offer your precious eyes UVA/UVB protection.

In addition to her work as a guest blogger on Susan Said What?!, Keri Labuski is also a fashion writer for Style on a WHIM and a lifelong fashionista!

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