Try Kushyfoot for comfy feet!

No matter how much my feet hurt by the end of a night of wearing sexy high heels, I refuse to stop wearing them. And I think most women who enjoy a nice pair of heels would agree with me — sometimes fashion is painful!

Thankfully, the folks at Kushyfoot® felt our pain and created a whole line of amazing products to ease it! So when they sent us a package of some of their best offerings, we were ecstatic to try them out!

Their toe cushions (pictured left) are one of my favorites — they’re little pads that slip into your shoes and comfort the balls of your feet. High heels shift your weight onto this part of your foot, so it’s often the first area to get sore after a long 8-hour day! I love that they come in a nude color and in black, so they virtually disappear in any color shoe.

Another great option from their line is the foot covers (pictured right), which are discreet slipper-like socks that stay hidden inside your flats or pumps. They feature foot and heel pads for added comfort in any shoe style. The texture of the fabric also helps to keep my shoes from slipping off.

Kushyfoot even offers hosiery like knee-highs, trouser socks, tights and fishnet stockings! The tights look is definitely hot for fall, so they’ve got all of your discreet wardrobe solutions and fashion needs covered!

Kushyfoot solutions are definitely must-haves because they’re so handy in a pinch, and they offer such a wide variety of options — non-slip open toe pads are a great option for peep-toe shoes!

Stock up on Kushyfoot ASAP!

In addition to her work as a guest blogger on Susan Said What?!, Keri Labuski is also a fashion writer for Style on a WHIM and a lifelong fashionista!

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