The perfect LBD has built-in shapewear!

Body shapers are a woman’s best friend — they help to suck everything in and smooth out your shape so you look and feel sexy in that LBD, however, sometimes they pinch in the wrong place and create creases that can be seen in certain dress styles. Ugh. Not cute, and very frustrating for the fashionable woman.

Annmarie Scotto-Dinan, the designer of the fantastic line of classic dresses and beautiful blouses and skirts called chloe & reese, took this little fashion headache into account when she created the SLEEK© line of stylish dresses with built-in shapewear.

So that means no panic session when you realize you forgot to pack your body shaper, and no extra money spent on it either! (So feel free to use that money to buy some fantastic accessories!)

The dress pictured is the black one-shouldered style, which is on-trend and ultra chic, and also has a timeless hemline.

“My goal is for  SLEEK to be accessible for every woman who wants to feel more confident, sexy and beautiful without compromising style or comfort,” says Scotto-Dinan.

Available at Lord & Taylor and Harrod’s, among other major retail stores, the SLEEK line consists of 12 dresses — 6 day and 6 evening — with truly sophisticated styling that smooth and showcase your curves. The entire collection will be available in mid- to late August.

To locate the nearest chloe & reese retailer, click here.

In addition to her work as a guest blogger on Susan Said What?!, Keri Labuski is also a fashion writer for Style on a WHIM and a lifelong fashionista!

Photo courtesy of chloe & reese.

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    Wow, I need to get my hands on those dresses! I rarely step out of the house sans shapewear, my tummy always needs extra support. Black is already a slimming (non)color, so for LBDs to have built-in shapewear is just pure genius!

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