Sometimes, LOVE HEALS

I’ve always been a fan of companies doing good, but I’ve never before seen anything like Love Heals.

Love Heals is a mother, son and daughter jewelry design team based in Ojai, California. They work out of a 30-foot domed tent, creating unique and beautiful jewelry designs that promote two incredible causes:

For every piece sold, TEN trees are planted in Africa and the United States. According to their website, 404,212 trees have been planted in the past few years. They’ve even planted fruit-bearing trees in Ethiopia to create work and food for the people there. And, as if that’s not enough, Love Heals donates to Vitamin Angels to prevent a child from going blind for a year for every piece of jewelry sold. The website says, “Vitamin Angels provide critical nutrients to children on the verge of going blind in inner cities of the U.S and internationally.”

Their Love Does Heal collection does even more by protecting 4 at-risk children from blindness, by helping to plant 50 trees, and by saving one child from slavery in Darfur per piece sold. “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Suddenly, their $400+ price tags seem a lot easier to swallow because you’re not paying for a designer name brand, you’re paying to help the Earth and the people who inhabit it.  I’d buy three of every piece on their website if I could, and I’d wear any of them.

Incorporating an ethical, eco-friendly piece from any of their collections will instantly update your wardrobe this summer. They have gorgeous multi-strand leather cord cluster necklaces that would look very boho-chic dangling over a long gauzy summer dress. They also have delicate pieces for a more demure look. I’d wear one just to start a conversation about the causes the jewelry supports, if not simply for the fact that the jewelry is fantastic.

If you can’t afford to buy a piece, you can also help to plant one tree by telling your Facebook friends about the company.

I love Love Heals!

In addition to her work as a guest blogger on Susan Said What?!, Keri Labuski is also a fashion writer for Style on a WHIM and a lifelong fashionista!

(Photo from and used with permission)

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