Sandals by OKA b. are cute, comfy and recyclable!

As Earth Day approaches, I have been searching for companies that go beyond the ordinary in their efforts to stay green. Reducing your carbon footprint is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are some fashion firms out there that take environmental awareness to the next level.

One of my favorites is OKA b. Shoes That Love You. OKA b. makes the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn — cushy, cute, slip-on thongs that I literally keep by the front door.

But the coolest part about this company is that once your sandals are too worn out to wear anymore, you can send them back! OKA b. grinds them up, mixes the grind in with “virgin grind,” and voila! They are turned into brand new, adorable sandals!

And the program is definitely working. According to OKA b., the plant is literally filled with brilliant colors of shoes that loyal customers have sent for recycling after years of use.

I like all of the styles, but have two favorites that I reach for again and again. First, is the Lucy. (pictured above) I have these in a light honey color, which is neutral and goes with everything. This is especially useful in spring – it’s warm enough for sandals, but I can’t wear white quite yet. The oversized, intricately beaded chrysanthemum flowers give them a sophisticated edge and, like all sandals by OKA b., the Lucy is available in a rainbow of colors. Retail $40.00

I also adore the Madison. (at right) With their cute ribbon bows and jelly bean colors, these sandals are preppy personified (and right up my alley!). The interchangeable ribbons even allow you to personalize your style! Retail $30.00

In addition to the Lucy and the Madison, OKA b. has dozens of other styles — from ribbons and flowers to jewels and pendants — in thongs, slides, flats, heels, closed toe or classic. OKA b. even has shoes specifically designed for men!

No matter which design you choose, the folks at OKA b. work hard to ensure that fashion and comfort are never mutually exclusive. Armed with an eye for beauty and a mind for comfort, the savvy designers have integrated the principals of reflexology using a massaging foot bed, bringing you comfort with each step. Also, the proprietary Microplast® process creates a material that cushions feet while remaining antimicrobial, waterproof, washable, and of course recyclable!

Green and adorable sandals from OKA b., just in time for spring. What more could you ask for?

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!

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    Rosemarie Watson

    Just saw the oka b sandals for the first time on the Bonnie Hunt show today. They are adorable! Just one question…a little bit yuck…but do they make your feet perspire?

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