It’s black and white to me

I went to a fabulous wedding reception this weekend. It was a second marriage for both the bride and the groom, so they actually held the party after several weeks of honeymooning in Italy.

As I sipped a wickedly good Cosmopolitan and watched the sunset, I observed the diverse crowd gathered to celebrate the happy occasion. And I noticed something strange… 16 to 60, almost every woman in attendance was wearing black and white! And I must admit, so was I (a cute little polka dot number with some amazing 4” wedges that made it hard to walk, but looked fantastic).

After making this discovery, I started to ask the other women there – why black and white? Most had the same answer that I would give myself – “It makes life easy.” And it’s true! Black silk pants and a crisp white Jones of New York blouse is one of my favorite “last minute” outfits.

Most of my wardrobe basically falls into three categories: black, white, or a black and white pattern. I occasionally throw in red, blue or maybe yellow for variation, but I find that no matter what the event, I consistently reach for the black and white. My husband thinks I have no imagination, and maybe it’s true, but black and white is the ultimate “Garanimal” outfit, at least for me.

Designers must agree that the combination is appealing, because the stores are simply filled with black and white for summer. Which is good news for all of those women I met at the wedding — exotic zebra prints, funky polka dots, an even nautical stripes are everywhere!

Oh, and by the way, the bride wore black.

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!


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