It’s a “drusy!”

Have you been to InTouch Magazine’s web site? I have become addicted to it, not only because of the great Hollywood gossip and fantastic photos of celebs (and their clothes!) but because I can try to win some of these same luxury items through their contests at MadBerries.

The other day I was perusing the jewelry section and found an amazing Heather Benjamin ring made of sterling silver and gold drusy. What an unexpected and gorgeous combination! Coincidentally, today I got my August issue of InStyle and what did I find? A gorgeous pair of drusy agate drop earrings from Marcia Moran.

So, do I sense a trend here? And what exactly is drusy? According to the folks at drusy literally means “covered by a large number of minute crystals.” These spectacular gems offer a look that is radically different from either a traditional cut gem or smooth cabochon. If you haven’t seen a piece made with drusy, the look is somewhat like looking at a flat surface covered with a mass of granulated sugar, sparkling in the light. Now imagine that the sugar is lemon yellow, acid green or shocking pink!

Drusy’s textured look and rich, dramatic colors have quickly increased the popularity of the gems, which are fast becoming an accepted new genre of gemstones. In addition, innovative designers like Benjamin have also increased use of platinum and gold drusy. Platinum drusy has been coated with platinum using a vapor deposition process. The look produced is a stunning coating of snowy, silver on the crystals, resembling thousands of tiny diamonds. Gold drusy usually has an agate host matrix underneath, which is then coated using gold deposited on the crystals (using the same vapor deposition process as platinum drusy).

The result? Simply beautiful. Hmmm…. it would be wonderful to update my fall wardrobe with some new jewelry incorporating this unique gemstone. Guess I’d better go back and win that ring!

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!


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