An anklet? A bootlet? A necklace? The Juliet Bankle is all three!

I love being barefoot in the summer. As soon as I walk in my front door, the sandals come flying off and I’m in shoeless heaven. Normally, the only adornment my feet have is a fun shade of toenail polish (currently bright pink) because I prefer to be low maintenance when the temperature is in the 90s. But Susan and I received a Bankle from two:peas® jewelry in the mail a few days ago, and it’s making me rethink my ankle accessories!

What’s a Bankle, you ask? It a bangle for your ankle! Each Bankle is comprised of high quality sterling silver “bar” sections connected by chain links that lend a bangle-like look. There are four different styles that include gemstone dangles and one without dangles. The Juliet Bankle, which is the one Susan and I received, has one section with three little red garnet dangles, as you can see in the photo. It’s super shiny and feels almost fluid thanks to a beautiful polished finish. And I loved the little star-shaped dangle at the clasp!

Now, as if the Bankle isn’t cute enough in itself, the two:peas® website shows a bunch of different ways you can wear them. Separate chain extenders are available and can make your Bankle into a boot anklet, a lariat necklace, a draped chain statement necklace, and more! Pretty neat. If I was to wear it as an anklet, my favorite is the simpler Cyd Bankle. And if I was wearing one around my neck, I’d opt for the Ginger, which features 18 white gemstone dangles, paired with several of the longer necklace extenders.

The Juliet is rather out of my price range at $315, but the Cyd is more affordable at $190. They would make pretty and thoughtful bridesmaids gifts!

In addition to her work as a guest blogger on Susan Said What?!, Keri Labuski is also a fashion writer for Style on a WHIM and a lifelong fashionista!

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