Just add fun!

I’m a huge fan of the game You’ve been Sentenced! and there are even more reasons to be excited to play with Add-On Decks guaranteed to spice up the game and tailor it to whatever interests you and your family.

For example, there’s the Reader’s Digest National Word Power Challenge™ Deck. This is an officially licensed deck and the words are taken right from the Word Power page of Reader’s Digest magazine! Warning: these words are truly challenging. Keep the definitions section, available on the firm’s website, open and ready!

There’s also a Sports Highlights Deck (my 13 year old son’s favorite). This deck contains the lingo of the field, court, and diamond, legendary sports heroes, technical terms, and favorite teams.

If Sci-fi and Fantasy are your favorites, then warn your kids to set their phasers for stun and prepare for a warp speed ride through the popular sci-fi/fantasy deck! This one is very popular with my Star Trek/Star Wars/Harry Potter/Twilight obsessed tween daughter.

I personally like the Pop Culture Deck. Do you know Lindsay from Jen? What’s an IM? And how do you crump? If you don’t know yet, you may just learn something from this deck.

Finally, a budding Rachael Ray or Emeril Lasgasse will appreciate the Gourmet Cuisine Deck which is filled to overflowing with famous chefs, exotic spices, and all of the kitchen gizmos necessary to cook up some fun!

These add-on decks are available for $7.95 online or at Barnes and Noble nationwide.

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