On the 11th day of Christmas… fingerless gloves by Etre

What did I do before texting? A text is the easiest, most convenient form of communication ever – with the exception of mental telepathy!

The trouble is, when the temperatures dip below the freezing mark like they did this week, gloves put a real damper on using that iPhone – even to dial a number, let alone send a message! To the rescue is the year’s best idea — Etre Touchy gloves from the UK.

Now, the Brits know a thing or two about fingerless gloves (Bob Cratchit immediately comes to mind). But Etre Touchy gloves are special. Since the gloves are missing only the thumb and index fingertips you have incredible freedom to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your electronic devices’ controls and still keep your hands warm. These gloves are a practical and stylish!

These high quality gloves are made in United Kingdom by a manufacturer that also produces knitted garments for Gucci and Paul Smith. Crafted of delightfully soft 100% lambs’ wool, there are four color combinations offered. My personal favorite is charcoal gray with turquoise trim, but the gloves also come is soft gray with rose trim, black with charcoal trim, and chocolate with mint stripes. And there’s an Etre Touchy glove to fit everyone! The firm now has four sizes: men’s, women’s, youth’s and children’s.

Although I’ve only just learned about these great gloves, word is spreading quickly. According to company founders, Simon and Paul, Etre gloves have been featured on everything from the BBC to CBS News, as well as hundreds of newspapers and magazines — from Macworld to MarketingWeek!

And it’s easy to order online. A pair of these gloves will only set you back £19.99 GBP (that’s about $32.31 USD or €22.54 EUR).

Hooray! No more “fat fingers!”

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!

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