On the 5th day of Christmas… stylish, eco-friendly market bags by Goody

On the 5th day of Christmas… this glam girl goes green with Goody Green Bags. Over the last few years, I have been actively trying to “green up” my lifestyle. Like many, I hear the news about environmental toxins, overflowing landfills and ocean dumping and shudder. That is not the world I want my children to live in!

Switching to fluorescent bulbs, recycling paper and taking shorter showers are all easy fixes. Unfortunately green options in the fashion world up until now have generally been lackluster. “Crunchy” I am not!

So when I find a something incredibly stylish that’s also good for the Earth I have to share it! And stylish is the perfect adjective to describe my latest find — Goody Green Bags. These eco-friendly, reusable bags are definitely designed for the style-conscious shopper. Why use the sad looking, .99 bags sold in the grocery store when you can have the perfect, trendy accessory and still be green?

Goody Green Bags are functional alternatives to either paper or plastic bags. Each bag easily fits 2 gallons of milk (an absolute necessity in my house, every trip), additional groceries, plus has a roomy front pocket for miscellaneous coupons, etc. Open, they are approximately 16″ x 18″ x 6″. But the best part? These bags fold down to the size of an envelope (a tiny 5″ x 8″) so you can easily stash them in a purse or even a glove box. (In the past, my biggest problem has always been actually remembering to bring my bags with me!)

These bags are made from non-woven polypropylene, which is a coated, water-resistant material that is light-weight and recyclable. They are also washable – a huge plus!

And they are so affordable. The DUE series offers a sampler pack of 6 different patterns for only $45.95. You can also purchase a single bag for only $9.95. Or if consistency is your thing and you want all of your bags to match one another, you can get a 5 pack, all in the same design, for $44.95.

But honestly, the bags come in so many adorable patterns, you’ll want them all! My personal favorite is the Parisian, pictured. This bag reminds me of Market Day in the City of Lights.

Being green never looked so good!

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!

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